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Six Questions that will Change your Life

This resource is unlike any of our other resources. It is designed for Torah followers who are looking for a way to introduce family and/or friends to the Torah, but it is also self-explanatory, so it is relevant to people who are searching for the truth on their own. By asking a serious of questions in a very specific order and answering those questions using scripture, a foundation is laid...

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If your family is anything like ours, being new to Torah as followers of Messiah, a vast amount of questions begin to overwhelm you, many of them in regards to how to begin to walk this out as a family with children. The following are just a few of the questions we needed to confront early on.

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Who are the Jews and is Torah just for them?

One of the first things we have to realize when it comes to the Torah, is who was it given to and who was it for? Ask most people and they will tell you that the Law or Torah was given to the Jewish people. Keeping the Sabbath, observing the seven Feast of YHWH, eating only those animals that were declared good for food, and keeping any of the Torah, is only for the Jews, most people will tell...

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Children's Church Lies

Many of us grew up hearing basic Bible stories such as Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit, Cain murdering Abel, and Noah’s Ark. Most of us have even read or told these Bible stories to our kids, probably numerous times. But have we told them the same stories we were taught growing up, from our picture Bibles, or have we opened...

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The Foundation

Having a solid foundation is crucial, but when it comes to foundations, it’s more than just about having a solid foundation. From an engineering perspective, you can have a strong, solid foundation, but if that foundation is not properly aligned, even if it is a few feet off to the left or right, it is wrong.

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The Feast: An Overview

Without a doubt, the question we receive more than any other question is about the Feast Days. Being new to Torah, the Feast are what most people struggle with the most. In this quick overview, we will lay the ground work for the Feast days and speak of them in more of a general sense.

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