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5 Reasons to Avoid the Flat Earth Controversy

If you’ve clicked on this article, chances are you’re familiar with the growing movement of modern-day flat earth believers. Maybe you’ve heard some persuasive rhetoric by modern-day flat earth proponents and it’s got you questioning things. Perhaps you’re even convinced that we’ve been lied to about the true shape of the earth and you feel…

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Responding to Dr. Michael Brown on the Dietary Laws

Should Christians observe the dietary laws? Dr. Michael Brown recently gave his answer to this question in a short YouTube video. Since Dr. Brown is a highly respected theologian and Messianic Jewish/Christian apologist, I think it will be good to examine his arguments in light of biblical teaching on this topic. Like most evangelical Christians,…

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The Gospel Revealed in the Sabbath

When a few of my Christian friends first learned that I believed in keeping the Torah, one of their concerns was that I was too focused on things like the Sabbath and feast days and thus not emphasizing the value of Yeshua (Jesus) and the Gospel. I firmly stand with my Christian friends in our…

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