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Break-up Letter to the Hebrew Roots Movement

When we started TB, our goal was to be a light to those coming out of Mainstream Christianity and coming into the Hebrew Roots!  Our desire was and continues to be to reach people with the truth in a world full of lies and half-truths.   Over the years we have grown, and many of…

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The Jewish Jesus: Introduction

In our modern world, Jesus is rarely portrayed as a Jewish Rabbi.  Most often people assume that he was against Judaism and that he came to teach a new thing and start a new religion called Christianity.  This could not be further from the truth!  The first believers in the Messiah were Jewish, and Judaism…

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Are You Being Real with God?

What kind of question is that, right?  Most people’s initial response would be a resounding, YES, of course I’m real with God.  Are we really being real with God though?  My friend Izzy Avraham from the Holy Language Institute recently did a short video on Facebook (you can watch it HERE) where he brought up…

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Compromise: Is it Good or Bad?

What is Compromise? The word compromise has several definitions.  One of those definitions is an agreement or a settlement of a dispute that is reached by each side making concessions.  So is it a good thing to compromise or a bad thing?  That depends on what is being compromised.  In the context of marriage, friendship,…

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Are You Using the Wrong Bible?

If you are like me, then you have most likely heard in one form or another that certain bibles are not accurate or that we should only be using the (fill in the blank) bible.  There is certainly no shortage of opinions on which version of the bible is the most accurate or authoritative.  There…

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Who are the Jews (Audio)

In this episode of The Revolution, Chris addresses the basics of why the Torah is not just for the Jewish people.  Also addressed is the past and present understanding of who is considered Jewish. Follow Along with the PowerPoint!

The Sabbath – How Do We Keep It?

In this episode of The Revolution, Chris discusses the lack of specific commandments given in Torah about how to keep the Sabbath Day!   Follow along with the PowerPoint. 

The Truth About Stoning

Transcript (This transcript is provided for reference only.  It will likely contain grammar and spelling mistakes.) Hey what’s up guys? You know Stoning is a pretty misunderstood topic. Most people probably assume as soon as someone did something wrong people would bend down and grab the closest rock and go to town on the person…

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  These are just a few of the verses that are used to prove that cursing or cussing is a sin.  When I say cursing, I’m talking about our modern day definition of it, using four-letter words.  Now would probably be a good time to warn everyone that I’m fixing to be killing several sacred…

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Who Are You Calling A Liar?

Do you do nice things for your spouse to get them to love you, or do you do nice things for your spouse because you love them?   This question should set the tone for this entire resource.     Do you believe this verse is true?   If you don’t, then you don’t believe…

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