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Break-up Letter to the Hebrew Roots Movement

When we started TB, our goal was to be a light to those coming out of Mainstream Christianity and coming into the Hebrew Roots!  Our desire was and continues to be to reach people with the truth in a world full of lies and half-truths.   Over the years we have grown, and many of…

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Sacrifices, Paul, Torah, and the Future

  We’d like to present some verses for anyone who may believe Paul spoke against the law and those who are against the sacrificial system.     Shaving their heads, seven days, purification, and making an offering are all parts of a vow known as the Nazirite vow.     It’s pretty easy to see…

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Resources We Use

One question we repeatedly get is, “What Bible do you use?” The answer might seem simple, but the truth is that there is no way to get a full understanding or an accurate picture of what the scriptures say by using only one version of the Bible. Even using the Bible alone is not enough.…

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Children’s Church Lies

Many of us grew up hearing basic Bible stories such as Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit, Cain murdering Abel, and Noah’s Ark. Most of us have even read or told these Bible stories to our kids, probably numerous times.  But have we told them the same stories we were taught growing up, from…

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What’s in a Name?

If you haven’t already, something most people come across being Torah pursuant are the names of the Father and Son. Another thing people learn about the names is that if you ask ten people how to spell or pronounce the names you will more than likely get at least 5 different answers. We are not…

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