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Tattoos and the Ancient Near East

Tattoos, within our society they’ve become increasingly popular. You can get a tattoo of just about anything, placed just about anywhere. Back in the WWII era, tattoos weren’t so common. Sure, some soldiers had some tattoos, those soldiers were usually considered the really bad dudes, the tough guys. Moving forward, tattoos were prevalent in biker…

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The Truth About Stoning

Transcript (This transcript is provided for reference only.  It will likely contain grammar and spelling mistakes.) Hey what’s up guys? You know Stoning is a pretty misunderstood topic. Most people probably assume as soon as someone did something wrong people would bend down and grab the closest rock and go to town on the person…

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Eye for an Eye

We have all read where Y’shua talks about an eye for an eye and turning the other cheek.     Did Y’shua change the original law or was He rebuking the oral laws of the Pharisees yet again?   All the laws/instructions from YHWH were written down, but there were laws that the Pharisees had…

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Head Coverings and Women in Pauline Communities

Before we even get started, please know that this is not about whether or not women should wear a head covering. In that regard, we are neutral. Whether or not a woman chooses to cover her head is completely up to her (and her husband). We can say that women covering their heads is not…

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The Ancient Near East “101”

Most people have probably never heard the phrase “Ancient Near East” and if they have it was almost certainly not in the context of reading our Bibles.  What is the Ancient Near East (ANE)?  The ANE is comprised of the modern nations of Egypt, Iran, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, the Gulf States and Turkey. 1 …

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Messenger of YHWH

When we really start feeling that tug on our hearts to start following and submitting to YHWH most pastors will direct people to the book of John.  This is a great starting place but can be hard to grasp fully if we don’t have the proper understanding of what it means to be a messenger…

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