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Tattoos and the Ancient Near East

Tattoos, within our society they’ve become increasingly popular. You can get a tattoo of just about anything, placed just about anywhere. Back in the WWII era, tattoos weren’t so common. Sure, some soldiers had some tattoos, those soldiers were usually considered the really bad dudes, the tough guys. Moving forward, tattoos were prevalent in biker…

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Books or Letters?

You know that the books of the new Testament are actually letters right? Now, have you ever considered why or to whom the books, or letters, of the New Testament, were written? These are questions I was once presented and had to look into for myself. My findings were interesting, and I want to share…

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Are You Being Real with God?

What kind of question is that, right?  Most people’s initial response would be a resounding, YES, of course I’m real with God.  Are we really being real with God though?  My friend Izzy Avraham from the Holy Language Institute recently did a short video on Facebook (you can watch it HERE) where he brought up…

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Compromise: Is it Good or Bad?

What is Compromise? The word compromise has several definitions.  One of those definitions is an agreement or a settlement of a dispute that is reached by each side making concessions.  So is it a good thing to compromise or a bad thing?  That depends on what is being compromised.  In the context of marriage, friendship,…

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Are You Using the Wrong Bible?

If you are like me, then you have most likely heard in one form or another that certain bibles are not accurate or that we should only be using the (fill in the blank) bible.  There is certainly no shortage of opinions on which version of the bible is the most accurate or authoritative.  There…

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One, Two, Ten, 613, or The Spirit!

There are many discussions on what is instructed, commanded, or applicable for us today. You have probably heard that there is now only one commandment. Others will say there are only two commandments for us today. Many people in Christianity will claim there are Ten we are to follow while Judaism says the Ten Commandments…

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One Law for All

Many times we are told the law, or instructions of the Father were just for Israel and not for us today. You will hear this from the Jewish as well as the Christian perspective.  The Jewish thought is that someone who is not of Jewish decent should only obey the seven Noahide laws in found…

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Who are the Jews (Audio)

In this episode of The Revolution, Chris addresses the basics of why the Torah is not just for the Jewish people.  Also addressed is the past and present understanding of who is considered Jewish. Follow Along with the PowerPoint!

The Sabbath – How Do We Keep It?

In this episode of The Revolution, Chris discusses the lack of specific commandments given in Torah about how to keep the Sabbath Day!   Follow along with the PowerPoint. 

Are Christianity and Judaism Wrong?

When my eyes were first open to the Torah, the instructions of our Father, my first instinct was to declare Christianity wrong because of the things that they were doing “incorrectly.” I saw so much that was left out and so many scriptures that were twisted to incorporate different theologies. As I read and studied…

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