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Books or Letters?

You know that the books of the new Testament are actually letters right? Now, have you ever considered why or to whom the books, or letters, of the New Testament, were written? These are questions I was once presented and had to look into for myself. My findings were interesting, and I want to share…

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The Passing of Heaven and Earth

Many people claim that the Law of Moses (Torah, law, first five books of the Bible) is not used today and it was nailed to the cross so I’m curious what was and when was it actually done away with? There are many thoughts or opinions on this passage with one popular thought that this…

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Two Witnesses

There are many thoughts on who the “Two Witnesses” mentioned in Revelation will be.  Although that is a subject that is always interesting to discuss and speculate, we are going to address two other witnesses mentioned in the scriptures, but first, let’s look at the reasoning for having or needing two witnesses. According to YHWH,…

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One, Two, Ten, 613, or The Spirit!

There are many discussions on what is instructed, commanded, or applicable for us today. You have probably heard that there is now only one commandment. Others will say there are only two commandments for us today. Many people in Christianity will claim there are Ten we are to follow while Judaism says the Ten Commandments…

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Who are the Jews (Audio)

In this episode of The Revolution, Chris addresses the basics of why the Torah is not just for the Jewish people.  Also addressed is the past and present understanding of who is considered Jewish. Follow Along with the PowerPoint!

Are Christianity and Judaism Wrong?

When my eyes were first open to the Torah, the instructions of our Father, my first instinct was to declare Christianity wrong because of the things that they were doing “incorrectly.” I saw so much that was left out and so many scriptures that were twisted to incorporate different theologies. As I read and studied…

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Heart Transplant

Have you received your heart transplant from YHWH? The reason I ask is that many people claim they have, but I would like to examine in more detail what happens when we received our “new heart” from YHWH.  Let’s begin by looking at a few verses in Jeremiah. To start off, we see in these…

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Lies and Half-Truths in the Hebrew Roots Movement

When we realize that we have been lied to in mainstream Christianity for so many years, many of us leave ourselves open to fall into the trap of believing that all this stuff we are seeing and hearing about in the Hebrew Roots must be right.  It’s not surprising that many of us are like…

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Torah: Myths and Truths

Many believe that those who are seeking obedience to YHWH by obeying His Torah (instructions) are under bondage.  This cannot be farther from the truth unless we are choosing to call the Father Himself a liar. Something else that is often brought up or stated is that those who are Torah seekers have converted to…

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The Ancient Near East “101”

Most people have probably never heard the phrase “Ancient Near East” and if they have it was almost certainly not in the context of reading our Bibles.  What is the Ancient Near East (ANE)?  The ANE is comprised of the modern nations of Egypt, Iran, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, the Gulf States and Turkey. 1 …

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