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Responding to Dr. Michael Brown on the Dietary Laws

Should Christians observe the dietary laws? Dr. Michael Brown recently gave his answer to this question in a short YouTube video. Since Dr. Brown is a highly respected theologian and Messianic Jewish/Christian apologist, I think it will be good to examine his arguments in light of biblical teaching on this topic. Like most evangelical Christians,…

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One, Two, Ten, 613, or The Spirit!

There are many discussions on what is instructed, commanded, or applicable for us today. You have probably heard that there is now only one commandment. Others will say there are only two commandments for us today. Many people in Christianity will claim there are Ten we are to follow while Judaism says the Ten Commandments…

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One Law for All

Many times we are told the law, or instructions of the Father were just for Israel and not for us today. You will hear this from the Jewish as well as the Christian perspective.  The Jewish thought is that someone who is not of Jewish decent should only obey the seven Noahide laws in found…

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Who are the Jews (Audio)

In this episode of The Revolution, Chris addresses the basics of why the Torah is not just for the Jewish people.  Also addressed is the past and present understanding of who is considered Jewish. Follow Along with the PowerPoint!

The Truth About Stoning

Transcript (This transcript is provided for reference only.  It will likely contain grammar and spelling mistakes.) Hey what’s up guys? You know Stoning is a pretty misunderstood topic. Most people probably assume as soon as someone did something wrong people would bend down and grab the closest rock and go to town on the person…

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Sacrifices, Paul, Torah, and the Future

  We’d like to present some verses for anyone who may believe Paul spoke against the law and those who are against the sacrificial system.     Shaving their heads, seven days, purification, and making an offering are all parts of a vow known as the Nazirite vow.     It’s pretty easy to see…

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Why Would It Be Any Different Today?

Some people think the ancient system of justice was barbaric and that today it is outdated.  Many people think the ancient world was similar to a Wild West type of system, where people took matters into their own hands.  Could anyone pick up stones and start stoning another person to death at any time?  What’s…

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Torah: Myths and Truths

Many believe that those who are seeking obedience to YHWH by obeying His Torah (instructions) are under bondage.  This cannot be farther from the truth unless we are choosing to call the Father Himself a liar. Something else that is often brought up or stated is that those who are Torah seekers have converted to…

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Homeschooling and Torah Observance

I was never against homeschooling, but I was certainly not an advocate either.  I was raised in public school as were my parents, grandparents and all of my cousins growing up, with the exception of one set of them.  While my cousins were normal (if there is such a thing), the rest of the kids…

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Head Coverings and Women in Pauline Communities

Before we even get started, please know that this is not about whether or not women should wear a head covering. In that regard, we are neutral. Whether or not a woman chooses to cover her head is completely up to her (and her husband). We can say that women covering their heads is not…

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