One, Two, Ten, 613, or The Spirit!

OneTwoTen2There are many discussions on what is instructed, commanded, or applicable for us today. You have probably heard that there is now only one commandment. Others will say there are only two commandments for us today. Many people in Christianity will claim there are Ten we are to follow while Judaism says the Ten Commandments plus the seven Noahide laws are to be observed for those of non-Jewish descent. There are also those who claim there are 613 laws/commandments/instructions which we are to be observant, and some believe we are only lead by the spirit. How are we supposed to know we are doing according to the Fathers will and what does the context of scripture tell us?

Let’s begin by looking at the “One.” This is usually quoted from Romans and Galatians.

Romans 13:10
Love does no evil to a neighbor. Therefore, love is completion of the Torah.

Galatians 5:14
For the entire Torah is completed in one word, in this, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

(Please consider reading these chapters in full for the proper context)

The problem with these two passages is that they are taken out of context to justify a preconceived thought process, but I do agree that love has to be the reason for our obedience to the Father. Without love, it would all be in vain. My next point may help bring clarity to our thoughts on love.

Let’s look at the Two and the Ten. The backing for this is found and quoted from Matthew 22 when Y’shua was asked a question.

Matthew 22:36-39
“Teacher, which is the great command in the Torah?” And Y’shua said to him, ‘you shall love YHWH your Elohim with all your heart, and with all your being, and with all your mind. This is the first and great command. And the second is like it, you shall love your neighbor as yourself…’

There are several problems with this approach. Y’shua never stated that these were the only two commands required. He simply stated a response to a direct question on the “greatest commandment.” Another problem with the quoting of this passage is verse 40 is usually left off which will add an entirely different meaning. Let’s add it to the others.

Matthew 22:40
“On these two commands hang ALL the Torah and the Prophets.”

He was giving an expounded answer to the question and followed it up by stating that all the Torah and prophets hang on those two commands. If we take what Y’shua said and then look at the Ten Commandments given at Mt Sinai, we will notice that He did not quote these two directly from the Ten. The Ten are a further explanation of the Two. The first four of the Ten are a breakdown of how to love YHWH with all your heart, with all your being, and with all your mind while the last six of the Ten are a breakdown of how to love and treat your neighbor as yourself.

So, if He wasn’t quoting from the Ten, where was He quoting? If you have a reference Bible or one that puts the Old Testament quotes in bold these verses will stand out because they are directly quoted from Deuteronomy and Leviticus. Let’s look at them.

Deuteronomy 6:5
“And you shall love YHWH your Elohim with all your heart, and with all your being, and with all your might.”

Leviticus 19:18
“Do not take vengeance or bear a grudge against the children of your people. And you shall love your neighbor as yourself. I am YHWH.”

Now let’s read Matthew 22:36-40 again before going any further.

Matthew 22:36-40
“Teacher, which is the great command in the Torah?” And Y’shua said to him, “You shall love YHWH your Elohim with all your heart, and with all your being, and with all your mind (Deuteronomy 6:5). This is the first and great COMMAND. And the second is like it, you shall love your neighbor as yourself (Leviticus 19:18). On these two COMMANDS hang ALL the Torah and the Prophets.”

At this point, we should see that “the One,” or love, is the foundation for “the Two,” and from the words of Y’shua we see that the Two Commandments are the pillars which are further explained or broke down in “the Ten.”

Do you see a pattern yet?

Let’s continue looking into ALL the Torah and prophets that Y’shua brought up in Matthew 22:40. If we were to take the 613 laws and categorize them, each one would end up somewhere under one of the Ten just like each one of the Ten would go into a category under one of the Two which all tie in with our Love for The Father. There isn’t a category for moral, civil, or ceremonial laws mentioned anywhere in scripture even though many people try to categorize them in this way. None of the instructions of our Father are burdensome or too hard to keep. They are simply an explanation on how we should walk out our lives. Today, we cannot physically keep or do the entirety of the 613. There are specific instructions about YHWH’s Temple, for YHWH’s priest, and for YHWH’s land that cannot be applied due to the absence of the Temple and the fact that many of us are not living in the land. Although we cannot “keep” them, a much more accurate word would be “guard.” We can guard the Father’s instructions by knowing, studying, and rehearsing what the Father instructed for His creation and our future walk in the Kingdom. This is the current position that seems the most logical, due to scriptural context, but we must look at one more.

The last thought we would like to look at is being led by “the Spirit.” Being led by the Spirit of YHWH is a must! We cannot take His Guiding Spirit out of the equation, but we must point out that there are more spirits than just the Spirit of YHWH. The way we know which spirit is by testing according to YHWH’s instructions. His spirit will not go against His original instructions, so if we find ourselves being tugged into a direction in opposition of His instructions, then we are being tested. Let’s make sure we know how to pass the test. Ezekiel breaks down what to expect from the Spirit of YHWH.

Ezekiel 36:26-27
“And I shall give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you. And I shall take the heart of stone out of your flesh, and I shall give you a heart of flesh, and put My Spirit within you. And I shall cause you to walk in My laws and guard My right-rulings and shall do them.”

Ezekiel 11:17-21
“Therefore say, ‘Thus said the Master YHWH, “And I shall gather you from the peoples, and I shall assemble you from the lands where you have been scattered, and I shall give you the land of Yisra’ĕl.”’ “And they shall go there, and shall take away all its disgusting matters and all its abominations from there. “And I shall give them one heart, and put a new spirit within you. And I shall take the stony heart out of their flesh, and give them a heart of flesh, so that they walk in My laws, and guard My right-rulings, and shall do them. And they shall be My people, and I shall be their Elohim. “But to those whose hearts walk after the heart of their disgusting matters and their abominations, I shall recompense their deeds on their own heads,” declares the Master YHWH.

In conclusion, YHWH laid out His instructions for us with each instruction only further explaining what and how to walk out our lives in love for Him, for our neighbors, for ourselves, and for the land. He gives us His spirit and His spirit only further allows us to make this possible. Whether someone believes One, Two, Ten, 613, or the Spirit, their thoughts have to line up with the context of scripture to be justified.

Please be careful not to dismiss parts of the Father’s Instructions and please test every teaching, teacher, prophet, and spirit so that we are not deceived.

Be like the Bereans and test everything.


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